About Us

wayman mitchell preaching potters house

Our Heritage

The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship is a Christian Pentecostal church organization founded by Pastor Wayman Mitchell in Prescott, Arizona in 1970. The official organization title is Christian Fellowship Ministries or CFM.

The Potter’s House is a Pentecostal bible-based fellowship of 2500 churches in 115 nations throughout the world with 61 ministering evangelists.

The name comes from an Old Testament verse of the Bible:
Jeremiah 18:2 ‘Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.’

Because of its biblical origin, the name “The Potter’s House” is often used by other independent church groups besides those affiliated with Christian Fellowship Ministries.

The Potter’s House has its roots in the Jesus People Movement, a Christian revival that occurred in America in the early 1970s, the Prescott church was established under Pastor Wayman Mitchell.

The Christian Fellowship Ministries take seriously Christ’s commission to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Therefore, our mission as a fellowship has always been to fulfil Christ’s Great Commission through discipleship, church planting, and world evangelism. It was Christ Himself who commanded His followers to “make disciples of all the nations” and the simple obedience to this command by our founding Pastor Wayman Mitchell that has been imparted as our fellowship’s vision.

With this focus, we are constantly endeavoring to reach unsaved and unchurched people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to spread the good news of God’s love and saving grace throughout the world. Whether we use Christian bands, movies, dramas, street preaching, or door-to-door evangelism, our focus and mission is to help lead people into their own personal relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 11:30 ‘The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.’

Ps Eric and Jackie Roberts

Pastor Eric & Jackie Roberts

Our Story

The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church, Luton was pioneered in 1993 by Pastor Eric  Roberts and his wife, Jackie.

Pastor Eric and Jackie were launched out of the church in Walthamstow, East London - their mother church.

After serving in Luton for eight years, they returned to Walthamstow and served their mother church for 12 years before returning to serve the town of Luton once more.

The Potters House Church is a multi-cultural congregation of all ages. Worship is contemporary, the word of GOD is preached passionately & relevant messages apply to everyday life. We currently have over 2500 Potters House churches in 115 countries and are still growing, as we undertake our biblical mandate to plant churches & reach the world for Jesus

The Potter's House, Luton is a thriving community of believers whose hope and prayer is to transform the town of Luton, the nation and beyond through the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.

The church is full of people with stories of lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. Read some of their stories below.


I came to The Potter’s House, Luton after my sister died and I was broken and hopeless. I was angry at the world and at God. After I gave my life to Christ, the church has been my family and now I have more sisters and brothers than I ever imagined. Jesus Christ and The Potter’s House Luton, literally changed my life. – Ola (saved 15 years)

Our Leaders

While The Potter's House, Luton was launched out of its mother church in Walthamstow, East London, our roots run deep and heritage spans the globe - from London, to Perth, Western Australia , to Prescott, Arizona USA

wayman and nelda mitchell

Pastor Wayman & Nelda Mitchell

Founding Pastor

greg and lisa mitchell

Pastor Greg & Lisa Mitchell

Senior Pastor, The Potter's House
Prescott, Arizona USA

tom and janice payne

Pastor Tom & Janice Payne

Senior Pastor, The Potter's House
Perth, Western Australia


Pastor Nigel & Carol Brown

Senior Pastor, The Potter's House
Waltham Forest, London